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Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

Every pet may have its redeeming qualities, but there are so many reasons why dogs are a superior companion.

Dogs Are Easy to Train

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

One of the most compelling reasons is that dogs are easy to train, whereas cats generally do not respond to training. Dogs can be trained to perform entertaining tricks, which can provide a lot of fun for both owner and dog. You can stick with the basics like rolling over or shaking hands, or go for something really creative like teaching your dog to fetch you a kleenex when you sneeze or put their toys away. Dogs can also easily be trained to stop doing behavior that you find unacceptable such as jumping up on company or barking loudly, whereas cat owners often find that they just have to deal with their pet’s annoying behaviors.

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Dogs Offer Protection

Another great benefit to dogs is that they have the ability to guard your home. Even if your dog is much more likely to greet a burglar with friendly wags, just their presence is often enough to warn an intruder away. Cats just do not offer this level of protection and are more likely to run away from strangers.

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Dogs can be trained to perform other services as well, like working as a service dog for a person with medical needs or disabilities, a detection dog for a police department or security team, or a therapy dog in a hospital or mental health facility. 

Dogs Are Social

Dogs are inherently social animals, which also offers a lot of benefits. Most dogs are incredibly affectionate, loyal and eager to please their owners. They will greet you at the door everyday like you are the greatest person in the world, they will sit by your side as long as you’ll let them, and many dogs will even offer comfort if you are visibly upset. Conversely, cats tend to bond to a specific place and stick to themselves for the most part. If you have to move, a cat may find it difficult to adjust and may even run away, while a dog is almost always happy just to be wherever you are.

Dogs Keep You Physically Active

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

Dogs can help keep you physically active as well, as they love going for walks, playing fetch or roughhousing. Because of this, dogs often cause other people to bond with each other. Whether you are hanging out in the dog park or just taking a walk down the street, your dog often attracts attention and makes it easy to form friendships with others. This pull towards exercise and social interaction can help keep you healthy mentally and physically. 

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Dogs Don’t Require a Litter Box

Although dogs certainly require a great deal of care, the kind of care that they require is often preferable to the kind that a cat needs. A huge disadvantage of a cat is the need to keep and maintain a litter box in the house. Once dogs are house-trained, they are usually able to stick to a schedule and not cause smelly odors in your home. 

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Dogs Are Diverse – There’s a Type for Every Personality

Many people also love dogs because of their various different shapes, sizes and temperaments. Because of the huge diversity of breeds, there is sure to be a dog that matches your personality and lifestyle. Small, petite breeds like Maltese of Bichon Frese are easy to handle and train and are often recommended as a great companion for older adults. Collies or Labrador Retrievers love outdoor adventures and are a perfect fit for those who lead active lifestyles.

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No matter what qualities you are looking for, there is a dog out there that will enrich your life in so many ways. 

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Random Dog Quote:

“I like dogs. You always know what a dog is thinking. It has four moods. Happy, sad, cross, and concentrating. Also, dogs are faithful and they do not tell lies because they cannot talk.”
-- Mark Haddon

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