Where Do Dogs Go When They Die?

When Pups Pass On: Where Do Dogs Go When They Die?

Philosophers, religious leaders, scientists and ordinary people have pondered the question for millennia: what happens to us when we die?

And pet owners have been asking a similar question for as long as humans and animals have lived together: where do dogs go when they die?

Their bodies remain here on Earth, of course, where we bury or cremate them to honor their lives.

But many people believe that there’s more to a dog’s existence than its physical form. Its spirit, soul or consciousness is the real essence of its being.

So what happens to that essence when a dog dies?

Does it move on to some kind of afterlife, where it can spend eternity in peace?

Could your dog’s spirit return to this world, watching over you and leaving you signs of its presence?

Or does it simply disappear, vanishing into the air and getting reclaimed by nature just as its body does?

The truth is, we don’t know for sure, and quite possibly never will. But there are a few prevailing theories about where dogs go when they die — and they have anecdotal evidence to back them up.

All Types of Afterlifes

All Types of Afterlifes

Whether you’re a member of a religion or engage in a more personal spirituality, chances are you’ve thought about the afterlife. And if you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably thought about whether you’ll find your dog there when your time comes.

Many religions are split on whether or not pets live on after death. A good deal of it comes down to personal interpretations of religious texts.

The Bible, for instance, states in Genesis 1:26-27 that animals are not made in God’s image, and thus do not enter Heaven when they die. But the Book of Isaiah is dotted with references to animals that appear in the afterlife.

In Buddhism, it’s believed that an animal’s spirit remains on Earth for seven days after death. During this time, it can attempt to communicate with the loved ones it left behind.

But once those seven days are up, the spirit moves into another body and begins a new life.

Many psychic mediums believe that the souls of dogs and other pets inhabit a world of spirits — an afterlife from which they can communicate with the living world. It’s from this spirit world that they’re able to leave signs and messages for their grieving owners (which we’ll explore in the next section).

A popular sentiment among pet owners of all religions and spiritualities is that of the Rainbow Bridge. The Rainbow Bridge is a place where animals live in peace, joy and good health after they die.

And when their owners pass on, they stop at the Rainbow Bridge to reunite with their beloved pets. Once they’ve found each other again, they cross the Rainbow Bridge together into the afterlife, the next life or the next dimension.

The Rainbow Bridge is similar to the Cherokee interpretation of animal afterlife, which stems from the belief that both humans and animals are children of the Earth. Under this view, dogs and other pets move into a new dimension after death, where they’re eventually reunited with their owners.

Regardless of the source of these beliefs, they no doubt provide comfort to bereaved pet owners. It can be soothing to trust that your pet has moved on to a better place, free from pain and hardship, where they can either spend eternity or start anew.

When a Dog’s Spirit Returns

When a Dog's Spirit Returns

Perhaps the strongest evidence in favor of an afterlife for dogs is the litany of stories about post-death pet encounters.

Take Estelle Meyer, a Pennsylvania woman who says she can hear and feel her deceased dog, Winnie, in her house. The sensation of Winnie’s presence is so strong that Estelle talks to her as if she were physically present.

Other times, a dog’s spiritual presence can be felt or seen by multiple people at the same time. Another Pennsylvania woman, Debra Rightley, reported that both she and her mother saw her late dog, Elsa, moving through the house at the same time.

Even people who didn’t believe in an afterlife before the passing of their dog have had inexplicable contact with their late pets. And it’s a phenomenon that’s experienced even by non-owners.

A woman named Barbara Meyers would take her dog, Skila, to the chiropractor with her. But six months after Skila died, she got a call from her chiropractor, who had just seen Skila running through his office.

The chiropractor was extremely unnerved and thought he was having a nervous breakdown. It’s an understandable conclusion, especially if there wasn’t a previous belief in ghosts or spirits.

But as we’re about to see, it’s not at all uncommon for pets to visit their owners after death. And there’s a potential scientific explanation for it too.

The Science of Animal Spirits

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A Common Phenomenon

The Science of Animal Spirits

Studies have shown that 60% of bereaved individuals report being visited by their deceased loved ones, including pets.

These visits can involve sounds (like the jingling of a collar or a quiet bark), touch (the feeling of your dog’s tail brushing your leg) or sights (a dirty paw print on the floor or a vision of your dog walking by).

But they can also be more abstract: the aura of your dog, his invisible energy or simply the feeling that he’s there with you.

All of these are examples of what science calls “post-bereavement hallucinatory experiences,” or PBHEs. These occur in all types of people regardless of age, spirituality and health.

It’s this last point that’s so important, because many people who experience PBHEs never mention them to others as they fear they’ll seem crazy.

But most doctors and scientists agree that PBHEs are perfectly normal symptoms of grief. And what’s more, they might have roots far back in our evolutionary journey.

Good Grief

When Pups Pass On

We think of grief as the feeling of sadness, despair or emptiness that occurs when someone close to us dies. It’s one of the most painful emotions we experience, but it doesn’t seem to serve a purpose.

That is, unless you ascribe to the reunion theory. Developed by evolutionary psychologists John Archer and psychiatrist John Bowlby, reunion theory posits that the grief we associate with death is actually misdirected from its original purpose.

Under this theory, grief’s original function was to motivate and enable us to search for lost or missing loved ones.

Back in ancient times, humans were much more nomadic and prone to getting lost in the wilderness, so it was important for us to be able to track them down.

Grief’s function was to heighten our senses and attune us to even the tiniest aspects of our missing loved one’s being. The sound of their footsteps, the motion of their gait, the scent of their body… there was no detail to small as to be ignored.

When we’re hyper-attuned to someone in this way, we see signs of them everywhere. Even if they don’t end up leading us to them, it’s critical to follow any leads.

As a result, we see “signs” of someone that aren’t actually signs. They’re misinterpretations of normal phenomena that we associate with our missing person intuitively.

But as society developed, we needed that hypersensitive searching ability less and less. So those feelings and subconscious thoughts were redirected towards our loved ones after they pass away — when they’re really, truly missing.

Those little ghostly doggy sighs and footsteps we hear may be the result of reunion theory at work. Your primal brain knows only that your dog can’t be found, so it searches everywhere for any sign of him, including ones that may not be there.

Reunion theory is still just a theory, and it doesn’t account for instances where multiple people see the same canine spirit. But it’s a good start towards understanding what happens to dogs after they die — maybe their spirits live on after all.

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107 thoughts on “When Pups Pass On: Where Do Dogs Go When They Die?”

    1. I lost my little (Matty) Chihuahua last year 6-26-20 and I was very hurt and I thought I would never get over him. Just as the pain was starting to ease I lost my Maley (Doberman) on 9-24-21. They were only 1 year apart. I’m devastated now to say the least it seems like I just can’t move past it. I am praying to God to give me some kind of sign that they are both spiritually here with me. Hopefully one day that will come true and I’m praying that one day I will see them again at the rainbow bridge.

      1. I lost my jack Russell – in 2 hours it will have been 24 hours . The pain is unmeasurable. Move past it it how – I love my sweet baby girl – one more day would not have enough – I’m so sad

        1. I lost my best little pal yesterday. I’m heart broken. I keep calling his name in the hopes of seeing came back to me. I’m devastated.

          1. Pawprints in our hearts

            I lost my precious Charlie a few hours ago, all my dogs are special but he was part of my soul. I firmly believe in the Rainbow Bridge, all the love we have for our animals, and they for us, is too strong not to carry on.
            All love to you and everyone here who is struggling with the loss of a dear friend.
            I am going to try and sleep now, I hope with all my heart he visits me so I can feel his soft coat and look into his eyes again.

          2. Pawprints in our hearts

            My Charlie, 10 hours ago, part of my soul.
            Love to all who are struggling with the loss of a dear doggy friend, they will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, how could that love not carry on.

          3. Your dog can come back to u in another dog. U will know him and he will know u dogs can reincarnate not people but
            Because they live shorter lives they can his spirit will go into another dog perhaps as a puppy. And he will know U. But u have to pray and meditate and think of him returning

        2. I know this was posted some time ago.
          I’m going threw the same.
          My lab Julie passed away this past 24hrs and it’s been so hard to overcome this feeling

          1. Just lost my 17 year old Lolly girl. I can’t wait to meet her again and feel her near me.

        3. I here you I’m needing help my little boy was my everything we where hardly ever apart from each other can you help me u can Facebook me send me a message Wendy morse

        4. Jan Lorraine Lee

          So very sorry. We are seeing changes in our 12yo shih tzu, Gizmo. And I’m imagining how my mom and I will get through losing him. Love he gave us and we gave him. And our deep belief that our pets have Souls that go on as we do.
          We will meet again..
          Know you will find peace ..

      1. Wow! That you said that a gad can come back into another dog. My Chihuahua die on two before his birthday 4/21 . He has a sister one year younger then him. I noticed when his was here she never acted or wasn’t interested in the things he does. But now she doing everything he does.

    1. Paula Skerston

      You and your dog will be together in the afterlife, because love and the love bond never dies. Remember all of the joy your dog brought into your life to you. Be grateful for being lucky to have your dog. Do something special for your dog, like a small memorial or put your docs picture in a nice frame by your bed. Your dog taught you some wonderful lessons so learn from the lessons that your dog taught you.

      1. Dear Paula,
        Your words offer so much comfort to me today. My beautiful 14 year old Shihtzu was diagnosed with incurable Lymphoma 2 weeks ago and her decline has been rapid. Putting my girl down was the most difficult decision that I have ever had to face. It’s been 72 hours and the pain of losing her is overwhelming. Every part of my daily life has included her by my side. I pray to see her again

        1. I Had to say goodbye to my 14 yr old shih tzu yesterday. Sophie was my best friend. Am so thankful for the love and joy she brought into my life. I pray for comfort and strength to make it thru this pain in my heart.

          1. I feel your pain! I lost my yorkie TJ on August 4 2022. The most heartbreaking thing I ever had to do. He was my companion, best friend, just my everything. I miss him so much and sometime I feel I just can’t go on. But knowing we will meet again someday helps. Hopefully Sophie and TJ are playing together and having so much fun!

          2. I totally understand what you are going through. I lost my dog Donna yesterday august 26 in the early morning. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep. The pain seems so unbearable. I really hope that I am able to see her again one day

      2. Thank you for your kind words. I needed that. My baby was so happy no signs of sickness until 4am yesterday. I lost her by 8am at the er. Enlarge heart we had no clue. Coco (chihuahua) was 10 and 3 months. This is very hard for me but she left her sister behind from same liter that I have to focus on now. We miss her so just much. I feel her near me and see her face everywhere. I’m glad she picked me

    2. My dog just passed May 21, 2020 and it is so hard. . She lived 16 yrs. I miss her so much. I hope the same thing that I see her and my other pets as well there.

      That would be great to see them all again, happy and healthy.

      1. Phyllis Maynor

        My baby died on the 5th of this month,I want to believe that he’s at the Rainbow Bridge waiting on me but we really don’tknow. Yes I have been asking God to let me know some way but haven’t experienced anything yet.In memory of my Coco,that I miss so much.

        1. Melanie Cleland

          We just had to put our down because her heart wasn’t working anymore. She passed July 20, 2021 I miss her so bad I cry and cry, I got her at 3 months old she was 14 teen… I keep asking when will this pain stop hurting.. I have another dog who misses her too she is so lost without her best friend..

    3. Hi. Yes its heart breaking. I had my dig put down because of a brain tumor, but i buried her at home. I go to where she is buried and say few things to her. It brings tears to my eyes. She was so special and unique. Loe her and miss her so much.

    4. My puppy died last january 1,2021, that the most painful day. I was crying all day and night. I want my puppy back, i dont know how to live a day without him, his just a baby i miss him so bad he accompanied me allday that his with me,. Were ever i go his following me even in the kitchen his with me. I miss him really bad. How i wish i want the day back when his with us., i hope his happy now. Ilove him very much

      1. my baby maddy died march 20,2022
        it was really unexpected because he was really healthy dog. He died because There is a Crazy dog(deceased) he killed my dog . I really miss my dog Iam really curious where is he now I want to see him again and hug him ❤️

        1. Broatch Berry

          The love shared between my dogs Emma, Oliver, and Moondog, and me has be the most joy in my life so far. I just turned 60 and I also had to put my last Dog Moondog to rest, he had many sicknesses inside his body that eventually became to much for him to handle. Emma made 20, Oliver 14, Moondog would have been 15 this July. I really enjoyed reading these shared feelings on the our furry loved ones we have all lost, on this plane in life as we know it. The live we have all shared with the beautiful souls is far to strong to not last forever. Love to all of you that are missing your loved ones now past on to the astral plane. Know it was as hard for them to leave us here on earth and they want to see us again too 🙂

  1. My baby JoJo (toy poodle) would have been 17 yrs old on 5/17/2020. Today i had to send him on his journey to the next dimension.
    Was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But i do have some comfort that he will be chasing squirrels and wagging his tail so fast when it’s my time to meet up with him

    Goodbye my buddy, I miss you so much and hope i did the wright thing as i held you for your last breath.

    1. We did the same thing today with our lab. I’m back and forth on if it were the right decision. She was 15 in March. A lot of weekends and holidays it was just her and I.

      1. We too on this day, had to make the decision to lay our baby to rest he developed, a heart issue and we had to say goodbye. We are still grieving, I have to admit, we are not feeling peace about it yet ,my understanding of it is he had to be layed to rest However my heart is heavy ,he was 14 and was our family dog, great memories,unconditional love ,so blessed to have those years .I know what you are feeling.

  2. We lost our beloved Sherman on 5/17/20 at age 17. I hope to see him again in heaven. I will miss him for some time to come but I take comfort in knowing he is somewhere running around being his usual mischievous self. Till I see you again buddy..

  3. I lost the love of my life, my Chester . Even as the vet helped him pass, he showed love, worry and concern for me . I had a very dear friend to help me and he loved her too.
    He was my best friend and whenever I needed a hand he gave me his paw .
    It hurts so so bad and it was beyond hard , but I know I made the right choice because Chester told me . RIP CHESTER , age 11 Weimaraner

  4. Artyone Turner

    Very comforting article. I hope I see my Sheba on the rainbow bridge when my time comes. God I miss her
    Sheba the Shiba Inu, just turned 14 in April.

    1. My Sweet Boy Tyson passed on 30th October 2020 I miss him terribly, im struggling without him.
      But I know I will see him again one day

      The sweetest dreams handsome,
      your forever in my Heart

  5. My pup died today, an American eskimo. Sean was the most loyal dog I’ve ever known or Sean. It’s so hard and painful. I gave a kiss on his head right before I went to sleep and today he is no more.

  6. Today, we lost Happy.
    No matter what, he was always happy to see me…today I lost my best friend.
    I’m always thankful to Happy for being there for me during the most difficult times…
    So long Happy til next time!!!

    1. My heart goes out to you and your family. I lost Bear, my 10 y/o German Shepherd, my protector and sometimes my emotional regulator. He was easy going and would give me a look that calmed me down, when i was hurting, scared, angry or worried. He was definitely there with me during those difficult times. I set up a memorial in my house and everymorning I go over to that area and he is with me during my prior time. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have him in my life. Thanks for sharing your story and motivating me to talk about my experience. Since then, I went to the animal shelter and adopted a 2 y/o German Shepherd and he is really keeping my 4 y/o female German Shepherd good company. I hope you are doing well now and you may want to look into getting another dog. I know another dog won’t replace Happy, but I just think it is an awesome thing for a human to care for animals, especially when they don’t have a home.

  7. Francis Marc RO

    My queen Erza just died yesterday and it hurts so bad. I often call her Prin, Cute, Not Cute, Weird Feet, Alligator Dog, Kyo, Very, even Pangolin Queen lol and many more names. I really hope that we’ll meet again someday together with deceased loved ones and all the pets we’ve loved so much. Erza Splin, till we meet again. Goodluck in your journey. I love you Prin

  8. Francis Marc RO

    Erza died yesterday it hurts so bad. She is my queen. We will meet the people and the animals we love again and it will be perfect.

    1. Yes Francis, I miss Bear so much! I did go to the animal shelter and got a 2 y/o German Shepherd. I know he can’t replace bear, but it feels good to know that I was able to save another animal and welcome him into my home. He was abused in the passed and have a few scars from his abuse, but the outside wounds have healed and it feels good to know that I am helping him heal from the trauma of his past. Also, I believe dogs watch over us after they are physically gone and that we will reunite in the future. I feel Bear’s spirit everyday and I hope you still feel Erza (Ezra?) spirit as well.

    2. My Hooch died, Oct 11 2020 , only 3 days ago, I understand, I am heartbroken, everything feels empty without him. I have his cuddly blanket that has been with me constantly. So I know what your feeling. I wish they would all just come home.

      1. I lost my fur baby Cookie October 28th 2020 I had her for 13 years that was the hardest day of my life to lose I’m so heartbroken without her I miss her so much she was my baby I also lost my first dog Buddy October 30th 2019 I had him for 14 years it’s so strange to me that they both passed the same in the same month and they both passed on a Wednesday

  9. I lost my beloved frenchie on Friday, my heart aches for him. I love you forever and always, Rudy. I know I will see you again some day. I miss you.

  10. My best friend of 11 years died of heart failure on August 12, 2020. He brought so much happiness to my life. He was always there for me and I could tell that he loved me just as much as I loved him. He was more than my dog. He was family. Argos, I will always have you in my heart and memories. I love you and I miss you so much.

    1. Onie Morales, 8/16/21

      I lost my JoJo on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021.
      He was 12yrs old. He was a beautiful black and white Chihuahua. He was so loyal and kind. I miss him dearly and forever will remember and carry him in my heart. JoJo was lovable. I know you are in heaven right now. I will see you again. It’s so painful not having you hear with me. I can’t stop thinking about you my fur baby JoJo.

      1. I too lost my dog Lucky Aug 10 2021. He was 12 years old Jan 2021. He fell in the pool early Tuesday morning. We resuscitated him but died at the vet hospital a few hours later as he needed a ventilator and none could be found due to covid. If I had seen him a few seconds sooner he would of been OK. I am filled with inconsolable guilt and grief.

  11. We lost Bella Thursday. She was 13 and 1/2. Never did I know how painful it would be to lose the nicest black lab you could ever meet. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. This is going to be hard for quite some time.
    I pray I will see her again. Love you Bella forever!

  12. I lost my Rottweiler, Max on Saturday, August 31, 2020. I can’t stop crying. It is soo very hard and yes, painful. I look a mess and feel so empty. Max was truly family for 9 years. He was my little boy, so sweet in spirit, loving, and caring! I stand in his room now, just to try to smell his scent. I can’t wait until we meet again. Right now I’m sooo sad and heartbroken. He could really “read” what I was feeling…. I love you Mackie!!

    1. I to had to make the hardest decision today to let Ebony go. One of the hardest things I’ve ever faced. I miss her and today has been so hard. She’s been a big part of our families life for 15 years. To say goodbye is so heart wrenching. Our home feels empty and will for a very long time. I love you my sweet girl. Even at the end you were concerned more about loving me and how I was. I love u so much. Until we me at the rainbow bridge. RIP

    2. Judy i lost my Mya on Sept 30th. We had been together for 13 years. On the 7th day of her home going she came to me in a dream. She was running around playing with another dog. I do believe that she wanted me to know that she was in no more pain and that she could walk again. i cremated her and have started to gst her little corner whdre her favorite things will be placed for me to go to as oftsn as i want totalk ti her. I feel your lost. Believe me. I could not work the rest of the week. One day I guess it will get better but it I have not gotten there yet. God bless you and your family flr your loss.

  13. I had to put my sweet girl down today. 10/3/2020. She was almost 15. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is make the decision .
    Ebony was the sweetest most loyal and even at the end she was so concerned about me and how I was feeling and still showed me love. My heart is so heat broken filled with such sadness. I love u EB! Until we meet again my sweet girl.

  14. Our boy Buddy was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma in October 2019 and had surgery to remove the tumor on his rightside ribs. But the surgeon couldn’t remove all of it. He turned 10 in May of this year (2020) and that tumor started growing and is now the size of a baseball. He also suffers from a tightening of his esophagus which has recently made him hack, almost like he is trying to get rid of a hair ball. He still drinks loads of water but will only eat if my Dad or I hand feed him. He is still fairly chipper early in the day but pretty much sleeps through the afternoon. We will have the clinic repeat the ultrasound to see how badly his lungs are involved. He is our second Labrador retriever and he is my Dad’s shadow. When our first Lab passed, I thought it was going to kill Dad too but, just a few weeks after Duke’s death he brought Buddy home from our local shelter. I sure hope that when Buddy’s time comes to cross the Rainbow Bridge that he gives Dad the message, loudly and clearly that we need to have another pup in our lives!

  15. Kyle Marion De Guzman

    My pup died today I was just having fun because it’s weekend then when i got home they told me that he’s gone. we just had him last month but it really breaks my heart that he didn’t spend more time with us but in that 1 month we took care of him and love him. I missed him already, I hope we see each other soon with my other pup.

  16. We lost our beloved Albus a month before he was suppose to turn 10. It’s heart breaking, he had kidney failure by the time we realized he was in a critical stage. He was having difficulty in breathing when his kidney started to shutdown he was on oxygen and fought for 7hrs to make it with us until we decided to rest him peace. I can see he didn’t wanted to let go but also it was so hard for us to see him struggling. I still feel that I should have tested him before, rest him peace before rather then making him fight for 7hrs. He always gave us happiness which I was not able to compensate in the end. I love you forever and ever

  17. My dog got a loose from her leash while walking her and she ran under the middle of a van and got hit by the back tire I miss Koko so much 08/03/2012-12/18/2020

  18. I lost my little buddy LittleBit… we gave him the best life we could and I hope he’s in doggie heaven running wild. Miss you little guy…
    Thank you for a nice, comforting article. You have a good heart.

  19. Kathy Wideman/ Whisky

    Last night I called whisky in for supper and he never came so I went out and found him laying peacefully with his head between his front paws chin on the ground like always but this time he didn’t wake up. He was an eleven year old Bernese mountain dog . Yesterday morning I had the talk with him again where I tell him that I’ll be ok and he can check out anytime if it gets to hard . That he will have three brothers and a sister waiting for Him just across the bridge and he will not be alone. We went for a walk to the park and I brushed him and sang to him and took what turns out were his last pics. I think he passed away about an hour later in the back yard, i know he did this for Me to spare me the heart ache of having to make the decision. I loved and spoiled him so much and he returned the favor because he loved me just as much. I Gave him a piece of my heart to take on his journey . He was the kindest soul I’ve ever known and he was my best friend. I am blessed to have had him in my life . I don’t want to grieve over the heart ache I feel, I want to show him the respect he deserves and honor every memory of him when he was here with me and smile and enjoy every minute he is here with me in spirit. God bless my beautiful boy I miss him already ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. My babygirl died Friday may 28th it’s so hard I miss her so much she was my Bestfriend she love me so much unconditionally love and I love her the same I miss her so much I cry everyday I know it take time to heal I hope she is in heaven watching over me and enjoying herself mommy love you babygirl and miss you dearly RIP my beautiful Angel.

  21. My babygirl died Friday may 28th 2021 it’s so hard I miss her so much she was my everything ♥️♥️ she love me so much unconditionally love and I love her the same I miss her so much I cry everyday I know it take time to heal I hope she is in heaven watching over me and enjoying herself mommy love you babygirl and miss you dearly RIP my beautiful Angel.TAMAR

  22. I lost my best friend and (SOULMUTT) of nine short years Thursday June 3 2021. I left that morning for work and he was as vibrant and full of life as ever for a 9 year old Doberman shepherd, I returned home that day expecting him to come barreling at me as always with a paw shake and many licks on the face instead I searched for him found him laboring to breathe, lethargic and cold I immediately rushed him to the vet where it was discovered his spleen had ruptured and bled to death. Never once in 9 years was he sick or plagued with any health issues. I am devastated, heartbroken, lost and lonely without my precious Sully. We loved each other beyond measure I pray we can continue our love and friendship again one day! love you Sully!!

  23. Hello, I lost my best friend Sophie (13 year old) maltese girl on June 9th 2021 at 10:30pm just an hour after we both went to bed to sleep. She died peacefully in her sleeps. Its only been few days and I am not doing well. I feel empty,lost and just my emotions are all over the places. People don’t understand what I am going through and give me bad comments about my loss dog. She was my family. She wasn’t just a pet. I know I have her a good and happy life and I know she is in heaven waiting for me t o come one day to be united. I would love to believe this is true. I live alone so it has been very difficult for me but I am trying my best to go through this. I have friends who support me during these times. But I do miss her very much. I do feel her presence every now and then esp when i am asleep. Like this morning I felt her next to me making a moaning sound how she use to do before. I know she was next to me to make me feel better. I think we can see our loss loved ones in heaven and be reunited. This gives me hope and makes me happy. I love you sophie you are everything for me and i will see you in heaven !!

  24. Michael G Profitt

    Today we put our sweet, playful, smart collie Erin to sleep after a long bout of multiple conditions. She hung on because I asked her to not leave us. She did, hang on. Today she was begging me with a smile and a waggy tail to let her go. She begged for relief, she was not happy but she knew relief was coming. I cannot explain it. This day was surreal,
    There was nothing more to give her medicine wise, and I was being selfish asking her to hang in there. She did it for me, and for this I feel guilty. I couldn’t let her go. But today I had to let her have some peace. God, I miss this dog.

  25. Melissa Jayawardene

    Today we lost our sweet boy buddy. He was the most sweetest and kindest Labrador. He turned 9 years 10 days ago and he said goodbye to us today. I miss him, I want to hug him and never let him go. My heart aches for him. I hope he is in a much happier place.

  26. I lost a very loving little pup today.. i have never cried so many tears after losing a pet before. Cotton was just so special to us.

    1. I love you Tiny and I miss you! Thank you for all the good time together. See you at the rainbow bridge. I Promise we will be together again. ❤️❤️

  27. Reading these comments is very emotional. Our boy, Enzo, 9.5 years, had 3 places of ruptured discs in his spine and although he did so well to keep going until 27th June, his last few months were managed with pain relief… until he lost toilet control and was very confused by it all. Anxious and we saw an unhappiness in him, although generally he was the happiest boy. We all miss him so much and I look for signs that he’s still with me. I think he is… I hope is is. Much peace to all of us who have lost such a good friend.

  28. We put our beloved cockapoo Amber to sleep yesterday. I am still in shock and am having such a difficult time. Every room in my house reminds me of her. I keep looking for her to come and join me on the couch. The loss is so painful and the tears just roll down my face. When I look at pictures, I see a beautiful dog and just feel so sad that I will never see her again! My heart is broken, but I must move on. My entire neighborhood knows Amber as I walked her many times a day. I will continue walking, just alone.

  29. My beloved dog past away Saturday .He literally held on till his body was unable to sustain him in there. We held on to each other till his last breath. His body melted away. Oh my beloved soul till we meet again God’s promise ill hang on to that forever,

  30. Anna and Bodhi 4ever

    yes we will reunite and even if its 30 years it will be as if time did not separate us and we were always together.. till that day it is my hope I will heal from this painful grief and pain. its been so hard to lose you in my arms . you were my love my life my pride and joy. I have a photo of him but sometimes it makes me sad and I can’t even remember him just being home it seems so long ago that that was so.

  31. RIP Danny Einstein I am so incredibly lost without you. Such a small package carried every bit of light, loyalty, trust, compassion, whole hearted REAL love I was so lucky to have had. With your loss I find the world so monochromatic. Almost 14 years not much less than half of my life it’s been just you and I. Im sitting here researching looking trying to find where you may be. It’s not even been 3 days. I can’t imagine having to go through 3 weeks or months. People cannot say you’re in a better place because there was no better place than you with me. It worries me to think of you in some Parallel universe or transmutation into another body of energy. I always thought we’d leave this place together. I’m unsure what’s on the other side but I know somehow we will never be broken of our quantum entanglement. To the moon and back forever and always

  32. My 17 yrs old & 10 months old Dog Pampam Died just 2 days ago. She’s turning 18 yrs old this coming Nov 07, 2021. Her 18 bday. I miss her so much! God Only knows how much i miss & love her with all my heart & whole life! She will never forgotten! Forever in my heart I miss you so much my Love! You & chloe
    Run free babies! Until we meet again! My life not is not the same anymore. You are my Happiness! Until we meet again my loves!

  33. Bob Schiefelbein

    Nelly–where are you. I should never have put you down. I am so so sorry. I love you so much. Nobody knows where you are, all the nice things people say and believe is nothing, just thoughts to make one feel better. I don’t know if she will be in heaven or not, the Bible doesn’t say anything substantial about her being there and I can’t wait to be with her again, she was so much of my life.
    The Old and New Testament tell about God/ Jesus bring people back to life, God does miracles every day, but to my knowledge He has not raised anyone from the dead since Jesus. If He could do that back then why doesn’t he do it now (today). Maybe because
    we don’t ask. People just except the fact there is nothing we can do but except the fact that our loved ones are just–gone.
    We have to LOVE them back, and with faith and prayer God will answer our request. I want my Nelly back, and I WILL get her back, because there is NOTHING my God can’t do. Do not test God but believe and have faith that He answers prayers. My tears and broken heart, faith and never ending prayers will bring my girl back to me.I love her so much.
    So everyone stop excepting that your pets are gone and start doing something about it.
    read the Bible and learn how to pray and how to ask for this miracle that we can have here on earth.

  34. My baby died on Sunday 8/8 age 3 years and 5 months. I can’t stop crying and my heart is going to explode. And it may have been my fault, although unintentional. The only thing that gives me some rest is when I sleep holding his toy and imagining I am in the grave with Him. God Bless You my Angel Melocotón and thank You for everything. I pray We Shall All be reunited someday.
    Regarding the article in my opinion fear is not the same as grief but interesting perhaps they are similar and grief is to help you look for your Lovedones after You have passed?

  35. My best friend died yesterday I miss him so much already I hope we will meet and the rainbow bridge when my time comes I love you my beautiful wonderful big bestie remember when you left I told you we live in each other’s hearts so we can never be truly apart Thank you for being my beautiful friend

  36. Buddy, my 9 year old Queensland Heeler was blind,had diabetes, the other night he had diarrhea all through the night, not sleeping & the next day it turned bloody, he started vomiting & it turned bloody, it was the worst & most awful thing to see him going through & then he died & seeing what he went through right before he died was horrible, I was beyond devastated, 2 months earlier my boyfriend of 25 years who was Buddy’s owner I found dead sitting in his chair ,I can’t believe they both died like that just like that, & now I’m in the middle of now where don’t know anyone ,because I moved up to Missouri with my boyfriend and Buddy & I am trying to get through this, for the first time I was able to find comfort in your story about our pets,for that I am truly greatful.


    We lost our Bucky this last month.
    I miss him beyond measure. I look out the window expecting to see him playing in the yard but the yard is empty.
    It’s funny but I can feel him next to me and when I open the back door it’s like his spirit comes in and I get shivers all over. My husband says he can still hear him snoring at night when he wakes.
    I know in my heart that he is with God and all the other dogs that I’ve had in my lifetime waiting for me to get there!
    I also know that he will always be right here in my heart and memories.

  38. I am so sorry for your losses Debbie. I sincerely hope that your heart has found some peace, comfort, and healing since the passing of both your boyfriend and Buddy. Your story really moved me, thank you for sharing it. ❤️

      1. I lost my beloved Sally 2 days ago. The pain is beyond words… I hope the rainbow bridge due exist. I need to see her again.

  39. If in heaven God allows you to have things that make you happy I would think that you can have your dog. Of course you would be expected to care of them for all eternity . Some people would possibly have several to so take care of.

    1. My little daisy passed away 2/9/2020 and her brother is now in my arms slowly dying. My heart feels like us going to explode. I rescued them 11 years ago, but I can truly say they rescued me from a terrible depression. I now hold him and all he does is look at me intently in my eyes, he always looked at me like that and I never really knew why. I am hurting so much, but I pray the good and merciful God is taking care of them until I show up. I pray for all of you as well. The Bible says: a good man takes care of his animal “. If that statement made it to the Bible it must be because God takes priority in animals too.

  40. I lost my coco may 7 2022 he would have been 13yrs old had him since 3mth old lm an senior and he was my best friend my world my protecter send to cremated just got his ashes today lm devastated broken lm lost he was my everything cant stop crying and screaming my kids are worried l might get an stroke lm so lonely can’t sleep without my coco l pray to God that l will get an chance to see him again

  41. My baby Lucky passed on 13 April 2022. He would have been 18 on 1 Oct. It has only been a month and I don’t know how to live life without him. He was my everything and my best friend. I cry every day for him and I just want him back with me. I call out for him during the day but still nothing has happened and I want to dream of him at night but still nothing. I want to believe that he just didn’t die and is gone forever. I miss him so much. I hope I get a sign soon. I love you Lucky! Mommy loves you papi. Put in a good word for me in heaven and I will see you as soon as I die. I know you will be waiting for me there. I miss you so much. My life was better because you were with me.

  42. I lost my toy poodle Alfie on 27 May 2022 he was my soulmate, he was 3 weeks away from his 14th birthday and it all happened so quickly, at the beginning of the week he started feeling I’ll and I took him to the vet immediately by the end of the week I was holding him in my arms and saying my farewells as the vet administered the injection. He was my world, my everything, he was my constant companion, we were inseparable. I was diagnosed with several different illnesses when he was just 2 yrs old and from that point on he decided he was also going to be my carer and watch over me keeping everyone away when I was in pain or alerting my husband if I had a fall etc we had such a special bond. I am empty inside, I miss his cuddles, his kisses, he was the most affectionate dog I’ve ever known and my world is empty without him I don’t know how to live without my boy! As he left this life I told him he was taking my heart with him, I know his spirit is alive my husband has seen him in our flat a few times and I have smelt his scent which for some reason always smells of candy floss even when he was alive, I’ve also sensed him near me a couple of times and my other poodle I think has seen him in the last few days.
    I asked him to wait for me at the bridge until it’s my time to come join him and I really hope we can be reunited I miss him sooooo much and I’m really struggling with his loss I’m trying to type this through floods of tears. I can’t bear being without him. I prey to god he won’t make me wait too long till I can be reunited with my special boy.
    I love you Alfie with my heart and soul baby RIP my Angel till we can be together again

  43. My heart goes out to all of you who loved and lost your precious pets.
    We are seeing changes in our 12yo shih tzu Gizmo. He is so sweet.
    Recovering from bronchitis …losing his hearing but may be other issues.
    My mom and I can’t imagine him not being here …we are grateful every day we have him.
    We believe our animals have Souls as we do and they go on. Next life, next dimension. We will meet again and there will be signs …be open to them…they are still loving you.

    Peace and Love..
    From Jan, Donna, Gizmo

  44. My dog, Chi, was put to sleep yesterday.
    I like to think we will be reunited when I pass into spirit, meeting at the rainbow bridge. We will pick up from where we left off.
    I really hope so and I am already changing my sadness into embracing the bond we shared. It will be there when we meet at the rainbow bridge

  45. I lost my baby girl named “CHEIA” yesterday morning.. because of parvo virus she is a 3month old dachshund x chihuahua- shitzu . She cried and then catching her breath .

  46. I just lost my baby girl Donna. She passed yesterday august 26 in the early morning hours. She was 18 months old. The pain is unbearable. I can’t stop thinking about her and if I will ever see her again.

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