Military Dog Names

Military Dog NAMES (Fit for Any DOG TAG)

Some of the bravest soldiers in the military aren’t people. Dogs have been joining courageous soldiers in wars for years. If your dog was a part of the military or will be, you’ll want a good name for him — something that reflects that military culture. Here are a few to consider.

Artillery Names

Military dog names

Because dogs can sometimes be effective weapons of war, some soldiers give their dog a name inspired by a specific artillery piece. One excellent example is “Rifle.” Soldiers are taught in boot camp the importance of their weapon. Without it, they’re as good as dead.

Some might even extend this to their dog as they serve an essential purpose in war. Dogs can sniff out enemies, explosives, and other problems that might end a soldier’s life. Because of this, a name like “Rifle” is a perfect choice.

Another great name for a military dog is “Bazooka.” Every soldier loves a bazooka. A dog with this name should have an explosive personality.

“Bullet” is another popular name for military dogs. Whether your dog is fast or he carries ammunition for the troops, “Bullet” will wear the name proudly.

One last name you could consider is “Dagger.” While not always used in warfare, a soldier always has one available. “Dagger” is an excellent name for any dog who is loyal to the core.

Military Rank

Military dog names

Another great place to find names for your military dog is through military ranks. While you may have a General commanding the troops, everyone knows that the real General is the one who receives the love and admiration of the soldiers. For dogs that tend to think they’re the pack leader, the name “General” is a great choice.

You may also want to name your dog “Captain” or “Commander.” “Captain” can be shortened to “Cap,” which could be useful to shout in the heat of a battle when you can’t spare many syllables.

Code Names

While naming your dog after a military code-name might be confusing during an actual conflict, it’s an excellent choice for those returning from war and who want to name their dog something memorable. Charlie, Echo, Bravo, and Delta are all great code words for interesting military dog names.

You might also want to consider code names for missions from the past — “Overlord,” for example, might be an interesting one.

Past War Heroes

Soldier holding a machine gun and his dog

For those who love to mix in a bit of history, you may consider famous military soldiers and leaders from the past. Not only does this honor them, but it also gives the dog a regal and noble name.

You might want to name them “Eisenhower” or “Ulysses.” For ancient military leaders, you may want to consider names like “Alexander,” “Hannibal,” “Genghis,” “Julius,” “Spartacus,” or “Leonidas.”

By using these names, you could end up making the dog a legend.

Military Machines

One final place to find great military dog names is by reviewing military vehicles. It’s not uncommon to find a dog named “Tank” in the ranks. You might also find one named “Jet” or even “Boomer.”

A few other examples might be “Humvee,” “Rocket,” “Gunner,” and “Heli.”

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Making a Great Name

An excellent name for your next military dog can use any of the above ideas for inspiration. As long as it invokes feelings of nobility, courage, and perhaps a bit of terror, it’s fitting.

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