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Children drawing a dog

Pencils and Pups: How to Draw a Dog (in 7 Easy Steps!) [with Pictures]

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In this quick and easy 7-step picture series, I’ll help you draw a cool dog. In two minutes flat, you’ll be a pro!

How to Draw a Dog in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Draw the Top of a Dog’s Head with One Dot for an Eye

Draw a half circle and a dot for an eye
Step 1: draw the top of the dog’s head

Step 2: Draw the Dog’s Snout

Draw the dog's nose and snout
Step 2: follow the pattern above and finish drawing the dog’s head

Step 3: Draw the Dog’s Mouth

Draw the dog's mouth by adding a line right under his nose
Step 3: draw the dog’s mouth

Step 4: Draw His Left Ear

Draw a dog's ear by rounding out and connecting a rectangle
Step 4: draw the dog’s ear as shown above

Step 5: Draw an Outline of the Dog’s Body and His Tail

See the visual and simulate what's we've done to round out the dog's body adding his tail
Step 5: draw the outline of the dog’s body and add a tail

Step 6: Draw Two Legs

Here we're drawing the dog's legs
Step 6: draw the dog’s legs

Step 7: And Finally, Draw Two More Legs and His Belly

Draw the dog's underbelly and add two legs
Step 7: finish drawing the dog’s underbelly, including two additional legs
How to Draw Dogs & Puppies: Step-by-step instructions for 20 different breeds (Learn to Draw)
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