Hi, I’m Charles and I’m the guy behind the Dogs and Treats website. Since you’re here, I suspect you’re interested in who the crazy guy running this site is.

Well, let me share a little about myself.

I created this site to share a lifetime (mine!) of experiences with dogs.

Growing up in a family that loved big dogs, we had a whole pack of Siberian Huskies — 5 in total!

  1. There was Robert (we pretended he was French so the family pronounced his name Ro-bear!); he was the alpha of the group who interestingly had one blue eye and one brown. But that’s fairly common with this breed.
  2. Jenny, a fierce barker who made sure we knew when strangers were nearby. She was (obviously!) our guard dog.
  3. Tank, a stocky little guy who had more energy than can be imagined; he was also a bit clumsy and afraid of his own shadow!
  4. Sheeba, a red-haired husky, who was every bit as fiery as Jenny and as quick as a fox.
  5. And finally, Misty … our little princess canine.

Crazy to think about today, but as a kid, I felt like I was the 6th member of the gang …

We lived in Louisiana, a place likely too hot for such wintry dogs. But, we kept them hydrated and indoors to minimize their exposure to the heat. If we left the house, though, there was a good chance they’d be going too!

Today, things are different.

Despite having a special affinity for Siberian Huskies, I now adopt Keeshonds — wonderful family dogs that are much better adapted for my local climate.

Currently, my two little guys are Bubba and Claire, and they couldn’t have different personalities!

Claire looking at the camera
Claire, a clever Keeshond, suspiciously looking at the camera
  1. Claire, our guard dog, barks at absolutely everything, including her own shadow! Seriously!
  2. And Bubba, well … let’s just say he’s the most laid back dog you could ever imagine! I’m pretty sure that if we were getting robbed, he’d just watch! 🙂

So I hope you enjoy the website a little more now that you know some personal stuff about me, and my family of dogs.

My goal really is a genuine one: to share good stories, help you understand your dog, and hopefully provide some entertainment along the way.

Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to Dogs and Treats.

Charles Joseph

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